Royal Wedding- As the Prince and Princess say 'I Do'...

What should the stage be like - when a Prince lets his hand out to take a beautiful woman as his Princess. India Royal Wedding sets such a mood where the bride and groom are treated in the royal traditions of yesteryears. The guests experience the centuries old traditional Rajputana style of marriage. Royal weddings in Rajasthan are the most classy display of culture and heritage in the backdrop of imposing forts and palaces.

Palace Wedding Destinations In India

With the help of Travelmasti's expert in-house royal wedding planner, you can choose from a wide range of palaces in Udaipur, Devigarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Orchcha and Agra. Each of the palace destinations offer a multitude of experiences, facilities and infrastructure and our wedding planner will help you understand these better and decide what is best for you. The palace wedding destinations have seen many princely weddings for centuries and they still stand majestically tall, echoing the sacred vows taken here by many couples. A gathering of two, twenty or two hundred, we offer special wedding packages to entertain your guests to the hilt.

Palace Wedding Season in India

India is a basket full of surprises. Although India is a sought after holiday destination, it is also fast becoming a haven for classic weddings. The beauty and the size of the palaces will have the guests in awe, serving as an exciting and engaging venue for the wedding and associated ceremonies. Imposing forts and palaces witness tourist footfalls round the year. However, the best season to visit is between October- March.

Palace Wedding Tips

Royal Palace Wedding will make the bride and groom, remember their wedding carnival, just like a fairy tale, narrating it to the next generation and to the next and so on. Make the wedding a happening event in your family. But before that, here are few of the points to remember:

  • Palace Weddings are grand fiestas. Get ready to witness larger than life affair
  • Hotels that you choose should have decor and ambience of the palace - a theme that you have chosen for the wedding
  • Treat and pamper your guests in the most royal and traditional way
  • Add local flavors such as Cuisine and Music to keep your guests engaged
  • Special attention should be given to the attire,. The attire should match with the royal wedding theme
  • Your invitation, gifts and theme should have a local feel to introduce your guests to the destination